Airbrushed, or not airbrushed?

23 01 2009


This card arrived in the aforementioned early birthday package from my brother. It’s Andre Savard of the Buffalo Sabres. Andre had been with the team since the 76-77 season, and the back of the card tells me he was voted the Sabre’s most popular player in 1977. He had a card in the 78-79 wearing the Sabres jersey, too, so I know he wasn’t traded offseason and in need of the brushwork.

But his helmet looks odd, the Sabres logo has the bluish tint to it, and the lines around him look sharp, as if he were cut and pasted onto a generic rink background. It even looks like Topps added blue tint to the plexiglass in the background.

There’s no reason it should be, but I still have to ask: airbrushed, or not airbrushed?



3 responses

23 01 2009
night owl

The Sabres logo looks odd and too small. I’d have to ask my wife, who was a huge Sabres fan back in the day (and a Buffalo native), to be sure.

23 01 2009

I like to think they airbrushed him out of a Sabres uniform, then realized he was still a Sabre and had to airbrush him back into a Sabres uniform. That’s how I imagine things worked in the late 70s, based on what TV and movies have shown me.

24 01 2009

the 79/80 set was horrible for that… blurry photos, crappy focus and colouring…
if it didn’t have so many key cards, it’d be awful. But the Gretz rc, Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe last card…(Makita too, I believe..)… they make the set.

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