The most significant hockey season..

23 01 2009

I generally don’t talk about In The Game much, which is a little odd since they released two of my favorite sets in 1999 and 2000.  They are to the hockey world what Donruss and Razor have become to the baseball world – former licensees now issuing issuing unlicensed mostly high end products.  Tomorrow, for example, Superlative Blue Blanc et Rouge hits stores, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Canadians and is limited to 1000 packs. Not really the kind of thing for me.

Today, though, In the Game opened online voting for hockey fans to pick The Most Significant Year in Hockey History. There’s 8 choices, and you can even write in your vote if you feel you’ve got something better.  Once a winner is decided, In the Game will release a set celebrating that season.

Personally, I’m torn between the folding of the WHA in 1979, which brought Wayne Gretzky into the NHL stage and 1967 which ended the original six era. From a collector standpoint, though, the idea of In the Game commemorating 1968 and the expansion of the NHL to twelve teams is pretty intriguing to me, too.

You don’t need me to tell you how to vote, though. Head over there yourself and pick which year you’d like to see In the Game commemorate in a set. The winning season is announced Feb 15th.




5 responses

23 01 2009

I voted for 1980. I don’t really think its the most significant, but its the biggest hockey event that deserves a better cardboard treatment than 1995 Signature Rookies could provide. Plus, it would be a great TTM set, with most of those guys being great signers.

23 01 2009

I voted for the expansion

24 01 2009

I would love to get me some of that Superlative Bleu Blanc and Rouge stuff, but it looks like it’s $450 a pack on e-bay. Amazing.

24 01 2009

Oh, also, I could really go for some Cincinnati Stingers stuff, so it would have to be 1980, which is the only shot – although if they went for 1972 there would be a miniscule chance that they would honor the predecessor to the Houston Aeros franchise…anyone know what city originally had that franchise, without looking it up?

23 07 2009
In the Game about to get sued « Hand Collated

[…] always been a fan of the In the Game releases, and I was looking forward to the first set released based on fan’s voting.  This design, however, lacks some imagination and the rest of the inserts and memorabilia designs […]

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