Drivin’ the 9’s – 1999-2000 BAP Memorabilia hockey

25 01 2009

Set:  1999-2000 Be A Player Memorabilia Hockey

# of cards in set: 400
# of cards I own: 394
# of cards I need: 6

I loved this set back in 1999.  There was something about it that made it stand out from the Topps and Upper Deck releases of the time, but looking back on it now I can’t figure out what it was.  Maybe it was the lack of shortprints and the insert set featuring 36 retired greats from the original six teams, or perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t get them at the local Target so I had to win them on the more exotic (at the time) eBay or trade for them through the alt.messageboards.  Whatever the reason, it was always a thrill to open a padded envelope with a few of these blue bordered beauties inside.


Here’s a typical front from the set.  Cards featured a full body shot of the player featured from head to skate which gets extremely repetitive when you leaf through the set. There’s quite a few shots of players in their pregame skate or awaiting a face off, but it’s mostly shots of players (like Patrik there) looking at the play occurring elsewhere on the ice.

Stefan was card #1 in the set and actually one of the hot rookies at the time.  He was a number one draft pick for the Atlanta Thrashers, but failed to register more than 40 points in any of his eight NHL seasons.  Stefan seems most remembered for this play, which some say best sums up his career.


To show off the backs, it’s one of the bigger cards in the set, Steve Yzerman.  It’s from his fifteenth season in the NHL, which probably speaks volumes about the value of the set itself.  Again, there’s little deviation from card to card here, with a close up shot of the player above five years of stats.

Here’s one of the better action shots from the set:


It sure doesn’t look like CuJo made that save, does it?

This was the inaugural year for BAP Memorabilia and I believe the second brand put out by In the Game, which was founded the year before.  It was released in two series – an  initial 300 card set available through three different kinds of wax (I’ll explain more in a minute) and a 100 card factory sealed update set released later in the year.  The big rookie cards are Jochen Hecht (base) and Evgeni Nabakov (update).  Not exactly a bumper crop.

Now, onto the three different types of wax.  The insert set I mentioned above (the one featuring the retired greats) was actually split up among Canadian hobby, American hobby, and retail wax boxes.  If you wanted one of the Montreal or Toronto players, you’d have to buy the Canadian box.  The American hobby box gave you a Bruin or a Ranger, and the retail version held your Blackhawks and your Red Wings.  I believe they fell one a box, so there was no guarantee that you’d get the team you wanted even if you bought the right box.  There was an autographed parallel of each player, too, but the odds were long (1:320) and I always came up short.

And lest the Update set be forgotten, it gave you a 1:5 chance of pulling a dual memorabilia card.

As I said, I’m six cards short from completion here and crying out for help to put this one to bed.  Here’s what I need:

68 – Hatcher, 87 – Federov, 104 – Campbell, 215 – Saprykin, 228 – Poti, 231 – Shanahan

Since I’m so close, I’m hoping a hockey collector will stumble upon this post and be able to help, or perhaps one of you baseball collectors can alert one of your hockey collecting friends to this post.  EBay’s not exactly overflowing with these cards in any form, and while a box might be fun to break for the right price, I certainly don’t want to rely on it to plug those holes.

So if you can help, drop me an email.  I’ll be happy to help you out, too.



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