Now and then

26 01 2009


Albert Pujols… charges Topps and Upper Deck $200+ per signature.

Former Dodger pitcher Billy Harris, discussing his appearance in the 1960 set:

“(The photo) was taken in Vero Beach, Florida — Dodgertown,” said Harris, a member of both the the New Brunswick and Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame who has lived in Tri-Cities since 1962. “What (Topps) gave me was two sets of spikes a year, three gloves a year and a set of golf clubs.”

Harris was paid $500 for around 200 autographs for this year’s Topps Heritage set, the anniversary of his rookie card. He says that before he was contacted this year, he thought the hobby had “died out.”

(Whoops, I hit publish when I meant to hit preview. The whole Harris article is a quick and enjoyable read.)




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