Thoughts on 2009 Goudey

27 01 2009

I realize I’m a week late to this one, but I’ve got two quickish thoughts about 2009 Goudey as we wait out the final week before the start of the new collecting season.

1)  I like the design of the base cards, but there’s not much variation from last year’s release.  I realize that’s not Upper Deck’s fault because there isn’t much of a difference in the classic Goudey designs.  I do think these are a lot cleaner, especially since they lack the “Ken Griffey Jr. says..” or “Derek Jeter thinks….” 

Because of this, I’m going to make an odd and unsolicited suggestion to Upper Deck:  Space out Goudey. Make the set every 3-5 years or so.  This will allow for more newer players on the different designs rather than the same players on the same backgrounds.  Plus, it will keep the card collecting world from getting burned out on retired stars in their modern releases. 

And in the off years when there’s no Goudey, release rookie parallels on a Goudey design in a different set, such as Upper Deck base or some other vintage themed release.  I’m not sure if this idea would work or not, but I think it would help keep Goudey from getting stale.

2)  Fewer shortprints is an awesome idea, and it seems Upper Deck took 30 of them out for 2009.  But it also seems they lowered the insertion ratio from 5:9 to 4:9, meaning you still have to open 225 packs and get perfect collation to complete the set.  Not as awful as some sets I know, but certainly enough to suck some of the fun out of set collecting.

Will I chase Goudey this year?  Like I said, I think this design is better than the others.  It’s all going to depend on the family’s financial footing and whether Obama’s economic stimulus for card collectors passes before Goudey’s end of April release.  But I’m certainly interested in it’s release.




2 responses

27 01 2009

I liked the Goudey set in 2008 (but I didn’t particularly like the set in ’07). This year’s set appears to be a cross between the two…which I’m not sure I’m sold on. Well, that and I still need about 15 short prints from this year’s set…those things are hard to track down!

28 01 2009

Goudey’s being released in April? JEez. I’m going to need to sell a kidney to keep up with all the stuff that is coming out in the next three months.

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