Snarlin’ Ed

30 01 2009

So I won a lot of these on eBay about a week ago, but haven’t had the time to look them over until now. They came as advertised (Ex-Ex+) which is a little lesser than what I was looking for, but they were a good price so I figured why not? And now I own some 1969 Topps, so I can share them with you.


This card of Royals outfielder Ed Kirkpatrick is probably my favorite of the bunch.  Ed’s snarling like a monster at the plate and not like a guy with a .215 batting average at the time the card was produced.  Perhaps he’s thinking back to 1965, when he collided with Bert Campaneris during a play at the plate and sent Campy to the hospital.  If only Bert had disguised himself as a baseball.

What makes the snarl even better is the colored circle shines so bright in the corner there that it bathes Ed’s hat and jersey in pink.  It’s hard to see in the scan, but it’s there, and it’s glorious.

Was it done on purpose?  Was the guy in charge of coloring at Topps a Bert Campaneris fan out for revenge?  I don’t know.  But it sure would make a good story, wouldn’t it?

I’ll have more of these later.




2 responses

30 01 2009
night owl

Wow, that face is scary. I have a couple cards of him from early ’70s and he’s smiling brightly. I wonder what the photographer did to piss him off?

31 01 2009

That is quite a card. Awesome on so many levels.

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