Live Blaster Box break: 2008 Timeline

3 02 2009

So the thrill has warn off of 2008 and 2009 cards are everywhere except my local Target and therefore not in my hands.  I’ve got some boxes ordered, though, so I’ll just want for them to arrive.

But I’ve got to practice ripping something, right?  I don’t want to go into 2009 cold handed, so I pulled out the last 2008 baseball product I had, and now I’m going to rip it.  Right here.  Right now.  Ready?

Pack 1

35 Roy Halladay
TM-MY Michael Young Jersey


119 Joey Votto (’92 UD Minor League design)
226 Clay Buchholz (’04 Timeless Teams)

The whole reason I wanted some of these cards is for that Votto. It’s a great looking card, but I thought I’d scan the “hit” instead. Now that I’ve got the Votto, though, maybe I should stash the rest of these for giveaways or something. I certainly don’t want to end up with another half box filled with damaged cards. That would be quite a let down for anyone watching, though.

Pack 2

50 Erik Bedard
23 Matt Kemp
5 Johan Santana
YSL 4181HM – Reggie Jackson


76 Greg Smith
147 Brandon Webb (94 All Time Heroes design)

I think that’s my first “honorary moments” YSL card, honoring the 1977 All Star Game. The cool thing is that Reggie actually played in the game mentioned, garnering a single in the second inning. I don’t know that off the top of my head. It says that on the card.

Pack 3

41 Justin Verlander
14 Derek Lee
32 Dice-K
115 Felix Pie (’92 Minor League design)


191 James Loney (’95 SP Top Prospects design)
304 Clayton Kershaw (’04 Timeless Teams)

Upper Deck really had their crap together in the early ’90s. I don’t remember a single ugly design until I left the hobby, though the white border did get a little boring  after while. But 17 years later, we’ve still got cards coming out with similar design choices (this year’s Topps, for example). Just shows how staid the hobby has been.

Pack 4

15 Jason Bay
33 B.J. Upton


6 Hanley Ramirez
42 Joe Mauer
67 Justin Masterson
138 Mark Teixeira (’94 All Time Heroes design)

See, this is how blasters should go. Nice looking cards, no damage. So far, not even a printer’s crease. And the splotches I got in the last box are gone as well. I can just enjoy the beauty of B.J., possibly in his home run trot.

Pack 5

24 Matt Holliday
43 Alex Gordon
16 Lance Berkman
130 Tyler Clippard (’92 Minor League design)
209 Steve Holm (’95 SP Top Prospects design)


221 Nick Markakis (’04 Timeless Teams)

I know nothing about Holm, but it looks like he’s bracing for a play at the plate on the back of his card. Or he’s shepparding a kitten into his glove. And for some reason, I’m quite taken by the stat line “No MLB Experience” on a MLB card.

Pack 6

46 Torii Hunter
10 Chase Utley
36 Jim Thome
2 David Wright Gold Parallel


94 Brent Lillibridge
163 Joe Mauer (’94 All Time Heroes design)

I wish I knew a blog that liked David Wright cards. That way I could send them that one, if they didn’t already have it.

Pack 7

9 Mark Teixeira
27 Alex Rodriguez
18 Ryan Braun
45 Vladimir Guerrero
120 Jonathan Van Every (’92 Minor League design)
290 Brian McCann (’04 Timeless Teams)


That looks painful. I wish I’d traded for McCann in my fantasy league when I had the chance.

Pack 8

37 Grady Sizemore
19 Prince Fielder
28 Derek Jeter
111 Elijah Dukes (’92 Minor League design)
182 Brian Bocock (’95 SP Top Prospects design)
276 Alex Rodriguez (’04 Timeless Teams)


Is that Mantle airbrushed and ducking down in the front? Just kidding…

Pack 9

26 Randy Johnson
35 Roy Halladay
17 Ken Griffey Jr
1 Jose Reyes
93 Hernan Iribarren
136 David Ortiz (’94 All Time Heroes design)


I keep skipping over these, so I thought I should include one scanned. That head on the bottom would be scary as its own card, no?

Pack 10

8 Chipper Jones
44 Frank Thomas
30 David Ortiz
57 German Duran
145 Alex Rodriguez (’94 All Time Heroes design)
190 Homer Bailey (’95 SP Top Prospects design)


Finally, another Red, although there’s been talk this offseason that he’s a prime candidate to be traded elsewhere. It’d be disappointing, but I’m not sure a change of scenery woudn’t be the best thing for him.

Final thoughts: Wow, that certainly took longer than I thought it would. I think I pissed off the missus trying to do this before running off to work for the night. Lesson learned.

I’m digging this stuff a whole lot more then I did with the first blaster, and I can see now why folks got suckered in. Hobby boxes are cheap, too, and if I hadn’t gone crazy with 2009 products, I’d probably snap one of them up. Maybe in a few months when I become disillusioned with the new releases, I’ll reconsider.

Until then, I think I’ve got some tradelists to hit up so I can send some of these out. If you’ve got one and need help, drop me a comment with the linkand I’ll take a look.




One response

3 02 2009

i am interested in any of the dodgers and the timeless teams subsets. let me know – i am sure i can pull some stuff from your lists, or some reds.

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