2009 Topps Co-signers and Topps Triple Threads returns

4 02 2009

While stumbling upon that Upper Deck series 2 news, I also found presells for 2009 Topps Co-signers and 2009 Triple Threads. 

First, Co-signers.  Hobby boxes will have 6 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, and each pack will hold a parallel or an autograph card.  Each box yields four autographs on three cards (in other words, one dual auto and two single autos).

The case hit is either a triple or quad auto or a cut auto from a historical, political, or sports figure.  

Not a fan of Co-signers?  How about some Triple Threads, then?

This year’s Triple Threads feature two pack boxes of six cards each, and each pack holds  regular card, 2 low numbered parallels, and 1 low numbered triple relic or autographed triple relic.  Each box garuntees one of those triple relic autos. 

The case hits are 1/1 triple auto relics and a triple auto triple relic card #’ed to 36 or less.  Oh yeah, and low numbered parallels and printing plates, too. 

I don’t see much difference between either release and their 2008 version, but this may change as more information becomes available. 

Co-signers presells are currently in the $100 range with a release date scheduled for April 29th.  Triple Threads boxes are scheduled to hit stores June 10th and presells are currently in the $175 range.



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