2009 Upper Deck Series 2 returns

4 02 2009

Now that Upper Deck Series 1 has been released, presells for series 2 can be announced.  This time, though, there’s a little bit of news.

Series 2 is another 500 card release, and the box is the standard 16 pack, 20 card a pack configuration from series 1.  The news, however, seems to be that there’s only 1 auto and 1 memorabilia card a box. 

For those of you who don’t follow Upper Deck hobby boxes, that’s 1 less memorabilia card then the series 1 version.  And even though there’s one less hit, there appears to be no price drop to make up for it.

Oh, and that 20th anniversary megaboredom set takes up space here as well. 

Upper Deck series 2 is scheduled for a May 20th release.

*UPDATED* 2/18/09 Upper Deck has released a sell sheet for their series 2 release and it shows the above information is false. Upper Deck will continue to offer two memorabilia cards and one autograph card in their series 2 release. I regret the misinformation.




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4 02 2009

One less hit, eh? My wife and I broke a hobby box of series 1 last night and received 0 hits and a lot more duplicates than we should have. I kept telling her we’d go to bed when we hit an autograph or a game used… needless to say, we were up til midnight. I guess this means I’ll get six sweet cards if/when I buy another box. Right? Right!?

4 02 2009

I still think it would be nice if they eliminated the “hits” from the base set & priced it accordingly.

19 02 2009
2009 Upper Deck Series 2 preview « Hand Collated

[…] on Feb 4th, I posted news from a presell of Upper Deck series 2 that hobby boxes would feature only one memorablia card and one autograph […]

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