2009 Topps – The bad

6 02 2009

Lest you think it’s all sunshine and roses inside packs of 2009 Topps, there’s still some silly stuff.  That Sabathia SP card I could have done without.  I still don’t care for manufactured patches.  I wasn’t big on the Ring of Honor cards before, but since Topps decided to recycle the images from 2008 and put them back in 2009, I like them even less.  And  I know I’m not the target for the ToppsTown inserts, but they need to go soon, too.

The rest of the SP’s in the base set I’m actually on the fence about.  I’m glad to see the initial wave of $49.99 BIN prices leave eBay in favor of the more traditional auctions, and it looks like they’ll fall in a range of $12-$20 a pop for now, with another drop once more products hit the shelves.  I’m in no rush to grab them if I do decide to collect them, but I think I eventually will.

In reality, then, most of my problem with 2009 Topps seems to be with the inserts.  There is a couple problems I had with the base cards, though.

First, David Ortiz:


This was a card I really liked…


… when I pulled it out of last year’s Stadium Club.  I imagine the folks at Topps figured since hardly anyone bought Stadium Club that few, if any, would notice.  Hopefully it’s the only one.

The other card I’m on the fence about, and I’ll post it in a minute.  I keep looking at it and can’t decide if it’s a really annoying thing, or just a coincidence.  I need your help in figuring it out.




One response

7 02 2009

That is so lazy. I wonder if Topps has a high turnover, or maybe their employees just do a lot of drugs.

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