2009 Topps – Photoshopped, or not photoshopped

7 02 2009

Here’s Matt Tuiasosopo’s card:


At first look, that appears to be photo shopping on the right hand side.  But as I look at it more, It could just be from the raking of the infield.  If it’s photo shopped, I’m hating that Topps did it.  But wait – I think that’s a footprint in the middle of it, which would make me think it’s not.  Unless Topps threw it in as a decoy, in which case-

Either way, this card annoys me for making me wonder:  Photo shopped, or not photo shopped?

Tigers and Brewers to come…




3 responses

7 02 2009

I’d like to think they could have come up with something nicer if it was photoshopped.

7 02 2009

Yes, if it was photoshopped they did a terrible job. I can’t think of what they would have removed if they did. except maybe a player. If they bothered that much then the should have removed the white pantleg at the top of the photo.

I say not photoshopped.

8 02 2009

My take is not photoshopped, and I believe that is the foul line you see behind his head.

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