2009 Upper Deck – No catchy title

8 02 2009

It’s late.  Well, not late really, but I’ve been up for a long time.  That’s how it goes with a 2 year old and a pregnant wife, and house repairs, and library days.  We seemed to get some good stuff at the library, though, including Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, the latest from Mo Willems.  It’s not Pigeon, Edwin, or even Gerald and Piggy good, but those are pretty high bars to clear.  If you have young kids and you have no idea what I’m talking about, take ’em to the library and check Mo out.  It’s good stuff.

There.  I’ve been positive about something in this post.  Now, more 2009 Upper Deck.

Okay, it’s not really all that bad.  There’s still some good photo choices, and my luck with the two packs I pulled was pretty good, but after the Topps, it was a bit of a disappointment.


I’m not sure if the scan will accomplish what this card does in real life, but this card really captures all that’s wrong with the gold bar for me.  It intrudes on the image and makes the photo look about a 1/2 inch shorter then it really is.  It’s poor use of space.  It’s a poor color choice here because it goes with nothing else on the card.  And finally, it’s a poor choice because it weighs down the card and draws focus to the bottom rather than the sunny image of Swisher celebrating something with Jermaine Dye.

Now, sometimes the image can overcome it, and on others, the bar actually accents the picture fairly well.  But for a majority of the cards I pulled, it just doesn’t work.  Having said that, here’s a few cards I actually liked.


#26 – Jeff Francoeur


#50 – Julio Lugo


#200 – Andruw Jones

The Lugo is accented by the gold because the image is laden with that tone.  My like of the Francoeur image is enough to overwhelm my dislike of the bar there, and I’m not sure why I like the Jones card, but I do.


Onto the inserts.  I’m still on the fence about these OPC inserts, and I’ll need to see more of them to before I form a real opinion.  I think they are better than the base card, though.


I’ve been working on my review of 08/09 OPC hockey where it seems every insert set is besieged with rainbow foil.  Apparently Upper Deck had some left over for this insert set.  Again, I’m impartial to these.  My scanner is not.  That off green color on the bottom and on the map of the United States is actually gold foil.  The light blue is actually silver.  I actually think my scanner made it look better.


See what I mean about getting lucky?  Two random packs, two jersey hits.  These inserts almost win for best design in Series 1, but the players initials decked out in faux-jersey looks dumb.  Otherwise, nice looking design.

Not even those two jersey hits, one with a pinstripe even, could save Upper Deck.  I preordered a couple boxes of this, so maybe when I see more my thoughts will change.  But until then, I’ll be in no real rush to break them open.  And with the reactions I’ve seen to their less then thrilling lineup so far, it may indeed be a long year for Upper Deck.




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8 02 2009

Am I missing something? Why does it seem every card company is uing the ’75 Topps design suddenly? Maybe it’s just me, the re-use of classic designs rubs me wrong. It’s like all the movie remakes out, and the ‘singers’ remaking old song… Get some balls and be original, people.

9 02 2009

How is UD getting away with using the 75 Topps design? I know that UD owns the rights to OPC, and I guess design goes along with that. But as we all know, OPC used to rebrand Topps products for Canadaland release. I guess Topps didn’t retain rights to the designs when they licensed OPC to reproduce them… oops. If that’s the case, eventually we’ll see 88 Topps in an Upper Deck product.

I don’t like this. If Topps wants to reproduce their old designs (Heritage) then it’s fine, but Upper Deck shouldn’t be allowed to do it, even if they are branding it OPC and the baseball is on the other side.

I see copyright issues here, unless, like I said, Topps didn’t bother to retain the rights to their designs.

9 02 2009

and by the way, the more I see of ’09 UD, the more I like ’09 Topps. That brown box really annoys me. It may not have been so bad if they’d put more text in it, but as it is it really doesn’t do anything for the card, and the position could go somewhere else and eliminate the box all together.

9 02 2009

I’m loving the Longoria OPC card – it will be mine – oh, yes – it will be mine!

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