2009 Upper Deck

8 02 2009

Okay, so now that the lovefest for Topps is done, we can talk some Upper Deck.

Let me start by saying that 2008 Upper Deck was probably my favorite design of last year.  It was simple, borderline elegant, and really let the player photos be the focus of the card.  It was a high bar for Upper Deck to top this year.

Well, the good news is 2010 Upper Deck can be what 2009 Topps is this year – a big redemption and a big step forward, because 2009 Upper Deck – ugh.

The design itself strikes me as uninspiring and…  dark.  You wouldn’t think that a 1 cm gold bar at the bottom of the card could do so much, but it does.  First off, it’s a pretty ugly shade.  Secondly, it sucks most of the brightness out of the color of the card itself.  Or I assume that’s the culprit.  Maybe Upper Deck just took a lot of night photos this go round.

Here’s my favorite of the first pack.


It’s all I’ve got time for right now since it’s library day with my son.  But the same rules can apply here as did with Topps.  If you want to see something, drop a comment and I’ll see what I can find for you.  Just remember I only have 40 of these compared with the 100 Topps cards.

I’ll post more later tonight.




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