2009 Upper Deck #0 – Joe Dimaggio sightings

9 02 2009

Finally up on eBay are examples of the Joe Dimaggio #0 card from 2009 Upper Deck. It’s also up on the Upper Deck website as well, so I guess it’s for real.  Yea.

I imagine it’s a precursor for future Dimaggio cards ( I see SPx has a Dimaggio career highlight insert set #’ed to 999, for example), and I appreciate Upper Deck telling me that it was coming, but why in the world do you passive-aggressively number it as part of the set by giving it the #0?  Why not #UD-JD, or #We’ve got Dimaggio and Topps Doesn’t, or even leave it blank?  Numbering cards as “0” is a trend I’d hate to see catch on, but if this card’s a hit, you know it will.

Will I chase it?  No.  I’ll add it to my set if I pull on from a pack (which is unlikely, since they fall 1:3 cases), but I’m not going to go out of the way to score one for my set.  The first two have sold on eBay for around $20 shipped, for those interested.

I’ll add an image after I get home and get some sleep.

Updated:  No sleep for me means an image for you!




2 responses

9 02 2009

The Upper Deck design looks cool with a black & white photo. Maybe they should have made all their cards black & white.

9 02 2009


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