2008/09 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Hockey box break

10 02 2009


I think I’ve figured out why Upper Deck went with a gold bar on the front of their 2009 baseball cards:  they had a bunch of it left over from the 08/09 OPC hockey release.

I’m not a huge fan of the base card design, but I’m not really upset about it either.  No, my problem with the base cards is the total lack of them. When you’re done with a box of 08/09 OPC hockey, you’ll have less than 30% of the set. That doesn’t account for the short prints, either. Even worse on my part is that I knew all this was coming, but I bought it anyway.

What suckered me in? I don’t remember. I must have forgotten the odds of pulling a base card was 2:3, which wouldn’t be bad if the packs held more than six cards and the set weren’t 500 cards long. But I guess sometimes you get lucky trying a box like this, and sometimes you don’t. And this time, I didn’t. Not that it was a bad box. I just kinda shrug my shoulders every time I think of it.


Here’s an example of the Marquee Rookies design, one of the short printed subsets.  I prefer the design on these to the actual base cards, and the other subset (called Legends) features a similar design in the same color scheme.  Either one would have made for a better base card. 


Even nicer is the one per pack 79/80 OPC retro parallels, and I was lucky enough to get an extra one in my 36 pack box.  Upper Deck did a really nice job on these, and if anyone has extras that they want to send me, I’d be happy to take them off your hands.  I think I’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who wants to get rid of them, though.

Now, if you love shiny rainbow foil, you’ll drool over the rest of the inserts you’ll get.  I’m not going to show them all here because you can’t scan a rainbow, but trust me when I say the stuff is just about everywhere – on parallels of the main set, on parallels of the retro set, on the season highlights inserts, on the stat leaders inserts, on the trophy card inserts, on the team checklist inserts – like I said, just about everywhere.  It’s the only thing that really makes these cards stand out, and I’d really rather have the extra base card, of course.  But if you’ve been screaming for a gold rainbow foiled card of, say, the Carolina Hurricanes’ logo, you can finally rest easy because Upper Deck heard your cries and answered them here.

I did manage one other insert from my box:


Nice, huh?  I can think of better teams and better players, but I’m not going to complain about a multi-swatched jersey card of anybody, especially with that sweet silver piece of Erat’s.  It’s super nice.

So where do I stand overall?  Well, I’m still on the fence, which is never a good place to be after opening a box full of cards.  I’ll let you know how the 2nd box works out.  But first, there’s 2009 baseball to break.

The box:

Base:  138 out of 500, plus 4 damaged (27.6%)
Marquee Rookies: 11 out of 60 (18.3%)
OPC Legends: 7 out of 40 (17.5%)
(Marquee Rookies and OPC Legends fall combined 1:2 packs and are numbered as part of the set)
Retro Parallels (1:1): 37
Gold Parallels (1:4): 9
Winter Classic Highlights(1:36): 1 – George Laraque
OPC Triple Materials(1:108): 1 – Legwand/Erat/Zidlicky
OPC Retro Rainbow Parallels(#ed to 100): 2 – Joni Potkanen (86/100), Richard Brodeur (75/100)

The following fall at a combined rate of 1:4

  • All Rookie Team: 1 – Patrick Kane
  • OPC Season Highlights: 2 – Nabakov, Toews
  • OPC Stat Leaders: 1 – Lidstrom/Gonchar/Streit
  • OPC Team Checklists: 3 – Detroit, Florida, Ottawa
  • OPC Trophy Cards: 2 – Selke, Crozier



6 responses

10 02 2009

Hey, if you have any Devils you care to part with from this box, let me know. I almost fell over when I saw the last name of the second Retro Rainbow you pulled, but then realized it was the wrong guy.

10 03 2009
Rick & Rylan Neufeld

Hello there , I bought my son Rylan two of the tin boxes for Christmas . Since picked up a lot of cards trying to get the whole set . We have a lot of cards and a whole lot of doubles …… are you interested in trading cards ? I want to teach my 8 year old son how to collect and care for cards as Dad did ha ha ha . I would like to find someone who is looking to trade could you help me out , would you know anyone interested or leads . Right now we have a stack of doubles and some triples about 5 inches high . Could you let me in on some advice please . Thanks again.

Rick & Rylan Neufeld

( I should have picked a smaller set for a 1st set collection with him , not 600 cards )

10 03 2009

Rick and Rylan –

I’m in the middle of opening my 2nd box, and once I’m done I’ll be happy to trade with you guys. I know this guy has some OPC wants as does this guy.

I’ll send you an email when I’m done if I have anything to trade. Good luck!

12 03 2009
Rick & Rylan Neufeld

hello again ,we just picked up anothe 317 cards and are wanting to trade to make a complete set ….with our doubles , I’de say we have a good start on a second set . Anyone interested in trading with my son and I , that would be great . (the O P C 2008-09 600 card set with Gordie Howe on the front ) Thanks again .

Rick & Rylan

17 03 2009
Rick & Rylan Neufeld

Anyone have cards for the 600 card set O. P. C. for trade we have quite a few doubles ….I was thinking of trying to make a second set . We want to make trades to get the full 600 set.

Rick & Rylan

11 05 2009

Hey there,

Id be more than glad to help you guys finish off your set
Im looking for the blue retro cards would you happen to have any?
Shoot me an e-mail



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