Making a list…

11 02 2009

Some of you may know that I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to condition of older cards. So even though I won a lot of these a few weeks ago on eBay, the card below is my first official entry in my 1969 Topps set.


The scan makes it look a touch off center, but it’s actually a pretty solid card.  And it’s the first card I’ve bought of Brooks Robinson, too.  Look at him smiling up there in the corner, no doubt imagining himself winning the MVP of the 1970 World Series.

It’s not the most meaningful card in the set, but it’s a start.




2 responses

11 02 2009

Now THAT is how to do a checklist. The ’60s had the best checklists ever.

11 02 2009

60s checklists are good ways of getting vintage superstars for an affordable price. although it is pretty hard to find the untainted checklists.

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