Upper Deck replaces my damaged Timeline cards with…

13 02 2009

After my initial disaster of a blaster of Upper Deck Timeline, I mailed my damaged cards in for replacement.  Yesterday, a box from Upper Deck arrived, so I knew this wasn’t a mere 1 for 1 replacement.  When I opened the box, I found a letter and an empty hard case surrounded by packing peanuts.  Pretty odd.

Digging through, though, I found the cards I had sent in stuck in a plastic bag taped to five hobby packs of Timeline.  I guess I’m not the only one having problems with the stuff.  According to the letter, they are out of replacement product, so this was my gift for all the hassle.  At least the thought was there.

And did I enjoy them?  Well, yes and no.  The first question that popped in my head was ‘what if the packs have damaged cards?’  And sure enough, the first pack held a damaged Evan Longoria in the ’94 All Time Heroes design.  Bummer.   All told, about 1/3 of the cards had some sort of damage, with the last pack being especially brutal.

I’m not going to go through every card, because you probably won’t care that I scored four different Max Scherzers and three different Hernan Irribarrens.  But I did get some stuff that was new to me that I’ll now share with you.


That’s Brian Bocock and Nick Blackburn in the 1993 SP Rookie card design.  Just imagine them as shiny and a bit brighter, and you’ll get a good idea.  Bocock was either rushed through the system or isn’t going to be a major league force, managing a .143 average last year.  Blackburn’s not a great, but at least he’ll stick around for a while.  I prefer cards of players like that.


Probably the card of the packs right there, Longoria showcasing the ’94 SP rookie card design.  Again, think brighter.  This was one of the only cards I could salvage from that badly mangled 5th pack.  At least Evan survived.


These two fell in the same pack along with a second and more damaged Votto on the Timeless team card (not pictured).  It would have been all good had the second Votto remained unscathed.  Those camo unis are quite ugly for the Reds.  I’m glad Upper Deck caught them on film for posterity’s sake.


This was, perhaps, the most interesting card of the bunch, though.  See that gold stamp in the upper left hand corner?  It’s the 20th anniversary logo.  I’m not sure I’ve seen one of on the blogs before, and if I have my mind has blocked it out as a total waste of base.  Anyone have more info on this?

At the end of it all, I’m still pretty indifferent about Timeline.  I still like the cards, but hate the damage problems I seem to hit, especially knowing I can no longer send them in for replacement.  And I’m still not sure to do with all the cards that I now have, either.  I’ll figure something out.



4 responses

13 02 2009

The floating Frank Thomas head is just a bit unsettling.

13 02 2009

I’ve gotten a few of those foil stamp cards as well, I have NO idea what they are for though. No one seemed to know when I asked on my blog either.

13 02 2009

They are just some kind of parallel. I got two in my hobby box and picked up one or two others out of packs. They are quite annoying.

15 02 2009

I just got a few hobby packs from eBay and got one of those stamped cards, too. I also have no idea what the deal is with them or how hard they are to pull.

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