A reader question

14 02 2009

Reader Chris Knutson asked the following:

Roughly 4 months ago my 12 yr old son received a card in an upper deck pack that instructed him to call a phone number and a person asked for a code number on his card and our home address, the card said he would be getting a Brett Favre letterman patch card, he has been waiting anxiously for this card and it is not here yet!?!?! how long does it normally take to get this card? Thank you .

Chris, I apologize for taking so long to get to your question.  Rather than make you dig for the answer, I thought I’d give you a post all your own.

I can only be pseudo-helpful for you though and tell you in all honesty I do not know.   Redemptions are tricky things and can sometimes take longer than they should.  Just ask those of us holding last year’s Topps Red Hot Rookie redemptions which were supposed to already have shipped.  In fact,   I’m still waiting for an auto redemption I sent in from a 2000 hockey release.  I am no longer holding my breath on that one.

The best answer I can give you, Chris, is to quote Upper Deck’s response to your question in their FAQs:

You can contact our customer service department to get status on the card in question. We are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00-5:00 PST at (800)873-7332 or via e-mail at customer_service@upperdeck.com. From there we can let you know if we are still waiting on the card or if it has been shipped. If you would like to exchange the card for another comparable item, we will be happy to discuss this option with you.

I hope this helps and that your son gets his card soon.  Good luck.




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