Waste of inserts…

17 02 2009

I’m almost finished with the first of two Upper Deck hobby boxes and I must say I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would.  It seems that the two packs I bought from the card shop for preview purposes were filled with 35 of the worst cards from the set and I just had the piss poor luck to pull them.

So there are better things to come, but first…


<rant>Look, Upper Deck, I understand you don’t want to pay for the licensing rights to a photo of Michael Phelps, so we get this generic card. But couldn’t you have done better here? The “Firsts” inserts are already lame enough, now you have to go and add a photo of the Water Cube or whatever that thing was called and consider it as honoring the first athlete to win eight gold medals?  Was there no other first you could have celebrated from last year that had a photo you could actually use?  How about, I don’t know, the first female baseball player in Japan?  Wouldn’t that have made more sense?  It would even be about baseball, which seems to be a novelty when it comes to your insert sets this year.

Seriously, Upper Deck, are you just assuming due to the economic downturn that you don’t have to try?  Do you think that people have been waiting all winter long for new baseball cards so they can pull a picture of a building?  A building that has nothing to do with baseball?  Really?</rant>

Like I said, the rest of the box is much better then I was expecting as far as actual baseball cards go.  If anyone’s collecting this “Firsts” set, let me know so I can trade them with you.  Quickly.




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19 02 2009
2009 Upper Deck hobby box « Free Andy LaRoche

[…] of the Game, and Ring of Honor. And while UD wisely brought back the USA National Team subset, the rest of the inserts are essentially an epic fail. I didn’t care for Documentary or Yankee Stadium Legacy last year, and I certainly […]

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