A word about 08/09 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice hockey

18 02 2009

When I first heard about the return of Collector’s Choice hockey this year after a 10 year hiatus, I was super stoked.  Sure there were no do-it-yourself-bobbleheads like the 98/99 release, but it would feature the triumphant return of Stick Ums.  Stick Ums!  Goofy little stickers in my hockey set rule!

But today, I found out Upper Deck went and screwed it all up.   What could possibly make a set featuring Stick Ums suck?  How about 100 short prints in the “low end” base set?  Does it for me.

I really wanted to like this one, too.  I was ready to drop some cash for a box so I could get a couple stickers and put the 95/96 looking set together.  Instead, it’ll take 3 boxes and around $100 bucks.  I guess the bright side of that would be more Stick Ums, but 6 stickers isn’t worth 100 bucks.  No way, no how.

Maybe I should be thanking Upper Deck for saving me $30 in these tough economic times.  After all, I’m planning on adding another baseball set to my stable with Goudey this year, and I still have all those older sets to work on, too.

So thanks, Upper Deck, for helping me save my money by screwing up a perfectly good former release.




One response

18 02 2009

What the hell is up with Upper Deck and short prints in low end sets lately. I passed on O-Pee-Chee because of all the short prints, now they screwed up Collector’s Choice too?

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