That Reds checklist from Upper Deck Series 2 looks slightly familiar

18 02 2009

I realize I need to account for the Mayo effect here (that pre-release checklists are subject to radical change before a set hits the market), but I was looking over the newly released Upper Deck Series 2 checklist (pdf) and comparing the Reds on it with Series 1 (also a pdf).

First, Series 1:

94 Chris Dickerson
95 Brandon Phillips
96 Aaron Harang
97 Bronson Arroyo
98 Edison Volquez
99 Johnny Cueto
100 Edwin Encarnacion
101 Jeff Keppinger
102 Joey Votto
103 Jay Bruce
104 Ryan Freel

Now, Series 2:

596 Bill Bray
597 Mike Lincoln
598 Norris Hopper
599 Alex Gonzalez
600 Jerry Hairston Jr.
601 Brandon Phillips
602 Aaron Harang
603 Bronson Arroyo
604 Edison Volquez

605 Ryan Hanigan
606 Jared Burton
607 Joey Votto
608 Jay Bruce

609 David Weathers

Notice the similarities there?

I don’t have time to go over every team, but I imagine there’s similar duplication throughout.  And like I said, Series 2 may be Mayoed to included newly acquired Reds like Ramon Hernandez, Willy Tavares, and Jonny Gomes.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for.  Otherwise it’s just a bit lazy.



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19 02 2009

That’s pretty bad. I’m afraid to check out the Mets, considering nearly everybody that you’d expect to see was already in series one.

19 02 2009

6 duplicated Cardinals players. I noticed that they duped some players in Series 1 and 2 in 2007, but I don’t remember it being like that last year. One of the duped Cardinals is Adam Kennedy, who as of a week or two ago is no longer on the team.

19 02 2009

Well, the season’s still a ways away from starting so I wouldn’t think the checklist has been finalized yet. Or at least I hope not. There’s no point in releasing two series if they already know who’s going to be in the 2nd series two months before the start of the season. There can be a trade or two and a few rookies that take up those spots.

20 02 2009
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20 02 2009

The Mets have 12 repeat players out of 17 cards in Series II… and Francisco Rodriguez does not even have a regular card! (He is the player on the team checklist card, though.)

I really hope that’s not a final checklist, but I have the sinking feeling that it’s pretty close. There certainly aren’t a dozen other viable Mets to include in place of all the duplicates. 😦

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