Larry Rosselli cards goes under

20 02 2009

Larry Rosselli cards (or lrcards) hardly got mentioned when other bloggers would discuss where they ordered new wax from.  I spoke with Larry on the phone a few times for orders, and he was always very helpful and often threw in a few extra free things with my orders.  Nothing major, just an extra card or two, but it was a nice little perk.

The nice thing about LRcards was the free shipping offer on orders of only $50.  Since most new releases reached that mark, it was easy just to order from him rather than cobble together an extra box or two you didn’t really want in order to reach other sites $150 threshold.

The other thing he offered was a discount on cases if you paid for them up front.  I was toying with the idea of mentioning this here and doing a case buy of Goudey or Heritage and then distributing them at the cheaper price to those interested.  I had a couple questions to ask before I made this offer, though, so I went to his website to get his phone number.  Then I saw this:

Due to changes in business conditions we are unable to accept new orders at this time.

At this time LRCARDS is now closed and out of business. Any outstanding orders please contact your credit card provider .

So there goes that idea.

I’m posting this mostly so any readers who may have dealt with LRcards know that you now have to go through the process of contacting your credit card providers to get reimbursed and finding somewhere else to order any cards you were expecting from him.

I’ve read of other card shops going out of business, but this is the first time it’s affected me personally.  I hope this move was more Larry’s choice than bad economy, but whatever the reason, I wish good luck to Larry and to his customers who must now go through the reimbursement process.

*UPDATE*  Wow, Paul’s comment puts a whole new light on things, I guess.  Make sure you read it.  And check out this forum for even more info.




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20 02 2009

Thanks. My credit card company seems to be on my side. We’ll see, I guess.

21 02 2009

I don’t feel sorry for this guy at all. He was taking preorders as late on February 5th and closed the doors on the 6th. I think he knew what he was doing. He got me for $3k in preorders. I could not deliver to my customers and had to get the product somewhere else with money I don’t have because Larry has it.

I filled out papers with PayPal and hopefully will be able to get some money back.

Here is post from another site:
Email received this morning regarding LR Cards:
“Anyone who is owed any money, or knows anyone who is owed any money from Larry Rosselli, LR Cards, please contact Detective Nace with the Ulster County Sherrif’s Department in New York. Detective Nace’s phone number is (845) 340-3958 or (845) 332-0077 , and you can email him at . Larry Rosselli apparently owes between $100,000 – $200,000 to individuals and possibly more than that to various card companies and/or distributors. The detective has already received numerous complaints about Larry and is in the process of gathering information. Detective has spoken to Mr. Rosselli, who claimed he is having financial trouble and will probably file for bankruptcy. Mr. Rosselli has already retained counsel and any further questions through anyone are supposed to go through his lawyer. The detective has advised no one to accept “partial refunds” or the criminal case turns civil.”

Good luck getting your money back

26 02 2009

Yeah this guy definitely knew what he was doing. I was in the same boat– I pre-ordered from him, then couldn’t deliver to my clients and didn’t have enough money to order more cards from someone else. Paypal reviewed the case and decided in my favor, but won’t refund me the money until they retrieve it from Larry. I’m contacting that detective…

5 03 2009

I bought direct from Larry many times over quite a few years. He has always been very helpful, even now he has emailed me serveral times asking me to go through paypal. I have always preordered from him and used my bank account via paypal. I file a dispute, but paypal closed it immediately because it was past the 45 days. I then did some searching on the web for other paypal email addresses. I sent an email to all of them, and guess what, paypal offered a one time only payback to keep me as a customer, so I got all my money back. Hopefully this will help others out too. Below is the message from paypal:

“Because we value you as a member and want your experience with PayPal to be a positive one, I am going to issue you a credit in the amount of $ USD, as a one-time courtesy. Please understand that this is a one-time exception, and we will be unable to make any further exceptions to this policy going forward. Please allow # business days for this to be reflected in your PayPal balance.

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