I think Topps ran out of something…

21 02 2009


I’ve actually pulled eight of these now (four each in two packs).  They are the coveted No Foil Variations and very difficult pulls.  I haven’t even seen them on eBay.  Plus, if you’re interested, I’ll hand number them on the back.  Out of the players jersey.  Or his mother’s birthday.

Okay, so I don’t really think these are worth anything.  In fact, my mind instantly screams “damaged” and hopes I don’t end up needing them for the set, which inevitably I will, and the whole point of me buying a Jumbo hobby box rather than a regular hobby box will be ruined.  At least I’ll have some extra cards to trade.

And on the subject of trading, I’ve been thinking about adding a sticky called the “2009 Topps Trading Post” which would sit at the top of the blog for a while and function like the “Year End Clearances” did.  You could post your wantlist and email address, and others could contact you and trade without having to scrounge the internets to find you.

If anyone’s interested in something like that, I could pop it up in a few minutes sometime Saturday or Sunday.  Just leave a comment and tell your friends.




2 responses

21 02 2009

Putting up an ’09 Topps trading post is a great idea.

As I said in a post on my site today, after ripping two retail jumbo packs and getting only 17 cards that I needed, I’m finished ripping packs for a while. I wanna get Series 1 finished before series 2 comes out, and I’d like to do as much trading as I can, so I can focus my card buying on Heritage when it gets here.

My want list is on my site, along with what I’ve got extra for trade.

21 02 2009
Greg L.

Yes, by all means, please post a trading post. I only need four more cards and I know I’ve got around 100 duplicates to trade.

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