Falling prey to Topps dark

26 02 2009

Yep, I’ve been suckered in.  My local WalMart has six boxes of Topps Series 1, but I only grabbed one after getting off work this morning and I’m going to open it up right now.  So if my words aren’t as crisp and crackling, it’s because I’ve been up for 19 hours.

First let me echo some of Chris’ sentiments.  I don’t think Topps set out to do whole blasters of mutant black cards.  I think these were meant for something else and got mispacked, but Topps had no choice to go with it.  If not, they risk pissing off not only collectors who want regular base cards but get stuck with a box of black, but also other box stores that Topps deals with.  They got plain old base cards, but WallyWorld got a big draw with exclusive cards.  I know I wasn’t planning on blasters until I saw these.

The cynic in me can see Walmart handing Topps a big check for doing this, though.  Either way I got suckered.  And since I’m writing this as I open, we’ll see how well it goes.


Here’s a card that looks really good in this design even though it got damaged during shipping.  The pack it came out of had actually fallen out of the middle and into the spacious area with no support, so I got lucky that Jermaine was the only casualty.  I’m interested to see what version I get back when I send it in for replacement.  I’m also curious what would happen if you sent all black bordered cards in to Topps and tell them you want the regular base cards.  If anyone wants to be the guinea pig on this one, let me know, and I’ll post your results.

Cards that feature a lot of player take the blacking process very well.  Cards with a lot of open space…


…don’t.  Cliff looks so small and lost in the huge sea of darkness that surrounds him.  Not so good.  Luckily Topps’ photography choices this year are more like the Dye card and less like Cliff’s.


There’s a scan for Mario.  In all my time blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever sent him a card.  I’m no leaning towards chasing this set, which means I’d need this one.  But I’ll probably grab a couple more of these boxes, so the next one’s all his.


This blackness even make the manager cards look good.


I’m about halfway through the box and still no Reds, so here’s a former Red instead.  And when you hit the inserts that aren’t ToppsTown, it’s kind of jarring to go from all that dark to something lighter like the Turkey Reds.


Well there you go.  Apparently I should have made mention of the Reds sooner.   Here’s hoping Edwin thrives this year.  Since it’s still Spring Training, I still hold out hope that this team could surprise people.  The bad thing is they would have to be a surprise because no one thinks they have a chance.  Very disheartening.

All in all, not bad.  Nothing earth shattering, and I’m not sure if Im going to open the commemorative patch or leave it sealed.  You’d think with 50 cards that they could find at least one Red to put in the set, but instead  they picked about twenty players from ten different teams and gave most of them multiple patches.

Ugh.  I can’t believe I’m complaining about an manufactured patch card.  I definitely need to go to bed.   I’ll probably have more of these later, so if there’s any team or players you want to see, leave a comment and I’ll do what I can.  And I’ll figure out what to do with the patch when I wake up, too.

*UPDATED*  One last thing before bed.  My ToppsTown cards?  TTT11-TTT19.  Not a lot of randomization there.  Anyone else?




2 responses

26 02 2009

Wow, it took me this long to notice that the entire card is black, not just the border. I’ve got to admit, that looks pretty slick. Is it really worth me dropping $$$ on blasters when I already have the entire regular S1? What happens when I get down to needing 17 cards to complete the black set… my choices will be groveling to get someone to trade with me or buying six more blasters to get 17 cards. Argh.

26 02 2009

I still don’t know what to do about these cards. I know I won’t be trying to get a set, but I want to see what they look like in person.

There’s nothing wrong with complaining about manufactured patches:


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