More Topps laziness

27 02 2009

Well, potential Topps laziness.  I opened another black bordered blaster this afternoon and spent an extra second or two on the Jeff Samardzija card.  Then he appeared again in the last jumbo pack I opened this evening (review coming soon, I hope).

Here’s the shiny white bordered version I pulled tonight:


Where had I seen this-  oh, I remember:


I don’t think the Finest rookie redemptions from last year have shipped, so it’s entirely possible Topps will use a different image on it before it gets mailed.  This is probably another instance where Topps figures very few people saw the original card using the pic, so they may as well use it again.  And it does look nice with the 2009 design of either color.

I actually found this one a little disturbing, though.  Not because Topps may reuse the image, but because this means my mind is using space to store random images of baseball cards that I saw briefly last summer.  I think I need to read more.




2 responses

27 02 2009

Ick, and a Cubs image to boot. You should definitely look into that reading thing.

27 02 2009

yeah and it is easy to spot, because everybody has a favorite team. While I may not see a cub duplicate photo used, I will definitely catch a lazy job with Phils pictures.

and since virtually every team as somebody blogging about them it is only a matter of time till these get noted.

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