28 02 2009

So it turns out Topps Dark is not a mistake.  Instead it’s a well planned move by Topps and a brilliant marketing idea.  If ever a set has “gone viral” on the blogs, I think this one has, even though there’s still some out there who just won’t touch the stuff.  I’m not saying I approve, I’m just saying, “Well played.”

Even more newsworthy from the Nachos Grande post was that Topps didn’t shaft Target with the trick blasters. They gets some sort of cardboard backed retro logoed cards. Doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as Topps Dark, but I was willing to take a shot and see what happened.

So armed with the knowledge that “12” on the code above the UPC symbol means Topps Old at Target, I drove across town and came up empty. At first, the section didn’t seem to have anything new, but then I saw the eyesore that is 2009 Upper Deck blasters. Then a couple Topps blasters, too. Both had the number “10” in the key spot, so I left empty handed, wondering what happened to the number “11” and why it got left out. Maybe there’s a yet to be known stealth parallel lurking at K-Mart or Meijer. Didn’t I read some Best Buys are now carrying cards? The mind reeled at the possibility.

Oddly, my wife has suggested going to a farther away and larger Target tomorrow to do some shopping. I’ll be sure to check the blasters there for the magic number “12” and if I strike gold, I’ll let you know.

Now, I wasn’t disappointed about the lack of Target blasters because I had planned to stop by my local card shop later in the afternoon. I was hoping to pick up a pack of Heritage and one of Spectrum (that’s right, I’m willing to rip a pack of Spectrum for you) to post them here for the world to see.

No go there, either. When I got to the store, Spectrum was sold out. I said “Wow, people actually buy that on purpose?” but the owner was not amused. I never asked how much of it she had bought, but I assume it wasn’t much, and someone must have really wanted that Kim Kardashian auto (and if I misspelled her name, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to waste my time on it).

There was, however, one unopened box of Heritage sitting on the shelf. It has a three digit number on the sticker for the whole thing, so I knew a pack would be pricey. Only she wasn’t selling. She had already gone through five boxes of the stuff and wanted to keep the last one whole. I passed. I bought a jumbo hobby pack of Topps Series 1 instead.

And what did I finally see after a jumbo hobby box, three extra jumbo packs, and two blasters of Topps this year?


My first legends short print.  It’s… okay, I guess. I was expecting a little more, but the colors don’t seem to mesh right.  I wish they’d used the blue from his sleeves for the border rather than the blue from his socks.  But I’ll probably keep my eyes open for a good deal on more of them.  Why am I such a sucker for Topps chicanery?

And you’re probably wondering why I threw money down on just a chance at one of these rather than plopping it down for a sure bet on eBay?  Well, then I wouldn’t have gotten this:


Really?  Jim freakin’ Leyland’s in the Ring of Honor?  I think someone fell asleep at the membership table when Jim walked up so he approved his own form.

I also got my third (yes, third) Miguel Cabrera ToppsTown Gold card.  Why does he haunt me so?

Anyway, what I’d hoped to get done today didn’t happen, so no jumbo review.  And it probably won’t happen tomorrow, either.  Sorry.  Monday at the lastest, though.  I think.  Hey, at least you know I got no Legends SP and probably hit a Cabrera gold ToppsTown.  That’s something, right?




2 responses

28 02 2009
Grand Cards

I know somebody who can take one of those Gold Cabrera Toppstown cards off your hands, if they are haunting you so…

28 02 2009

Really? Who? He hee…

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