Set Uncompletion, 1986 Topps edition

2 03 2009

So I was putting Jeff Stone in his place, and I thought I’d make sure that everyone was still in their place.  Apparently, a few of the cards had decided to move out without letting me know.  This was either an accounting error on my part or I pulled cards for trade from my set rather then from my duplicate box.  Either way, I was nine cards short.

I knew two of them were the error cards from that year, so that took me down to seven.  Three cards I had received in a previous trade but never put away.  Two more I found I had duplicates of, so I’m not sure what happened to the originals.  Cardboard mice, problem.  Or they got a better offer from the Yankees and signed with them.

Either way, I’m now missing former Indians great Roy Smith (#9) and pre Red Jose Rijo (#536).  If you’ve got either or both of them in great condition, shoot me an email so we can work something out.





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