2009 Topps Dark (WalMart parallels)

3 03 2009

So I bought a few blasters of this stuff, and I’ve begun to notice that two blasters of Topps products generally give you a good mix of cards, but the third one is mostly duplicates of the first two boxes.  Knowing the masterminds that work at Topps, I’m sure this is intentional.  It must be true since I’m using such a large sample size, too.

Anyhow, two other things about these dark cards and then I’ll get to the point.  First, they seem thinner then the regular cards do.  I have no idea why this is.  Second, they smell.  At least the ones that I have do.  Whatever the blackening agent is, it gives off quite an odor.  It won’t take over your house or anything and it’s not all that unpleasant, either, but it is very noticeable and will get on your hands after while.

Now, the point.  I’m shooting for the set.  I’ve got a wantlist added and I’ve got about a blaster box worth of duplicates to trade.  I may buy one more of these things, but I’d much rather trade with what I’ve got for the rest of these.  I can do dark for dark, or even white for dark, and I’ll probably be able to do the Target parallels, too, once they hit the shelves.  I haven’t decided on those quite yet.

Anyway, if you can help, awesome.  And if there’s enough people interested, I’ll toss up another trading post so we can help each other out.  Just let me know.




One response

4 03 2009

I agree about the smell. I think they actually may be coated with used motor oil to get them black.

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