Wait, Upper Deck is doing what?

5 03 2009

The big news tonight is that some of those Presidential autos people are pulling and selling from Razor and Upper Deck products don’t all seem to be on the level.  I have little to add to the numerous posts that are popping up everywhere (which Mario has collected here), but this caught my eye in a post at the Sports Card File:

Between Richard McWilliam supposedly trying to sell Upper Deck to Panini…

I hope that Steve will post more on that in the future. Since I’ve got no sources anywhere, it’s the first I’ve heard of this one and would seem to have major implications on the baseball collecting world if true. I’ve heard Upper Deck is in trouble financially, but this is the first I’ve heard of them being for sale.

Maybe we should all pitch in and make an offer?



One response

5 03 2009

Can you imagine a card company owned by collectors?! Say goodbye sticker autographs, unnecessary gimmicks, and UD Documentary!

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