8 03 2009

Let me take this time to apologize if my posting in the last few days has been a bit slow for you.  As any blogger will tell you, real life takes precedence over the blog life, and while my real life isn’t near as bad as it appears to have been for some,  it’s still been more important that blogging and cards.

That’s not to say I haven’t gotten some stuff lately, and I’m expecting more cards in the mail that could be sweet, too.  Plus I never expected that whole “Drivin’ the 9’s” thing to take so long and be as sloppy as it has been.

In the meantime, I’m halfway through my second 08-09 OPC hockey box pondering if I want to chase the update set, too.  Any hockey readers out there going to buy a box?  I’m not thrilled at another 100 shortprints in a 200 card set, nor do I care about whatever the heck “Metal X” cards are.  I guess if you’re busting a box of inserts, I’ll take some of the commons off your hands.

Speaking of OPC inserts, this evening as my wife and I opened some packs, the following exchange took place.

Me:  Ooh, shiny.


In person, it's gold. The scanner makes it blue.

Her: What is that?

Me: It’s one of the lame inserts from the set.

Her: Yeah it really is. (Opening a pack) Not as lame as this one:

Again, the background is shiny gold.

Again, the background is shiny gold.

Me: Yep, you win.

It’s inserts like these that really make me second guess chasing this set. Having said that, is anyone putting these or the trophy insert sets together? I’ll be happy to trade mine away.




One response

8 03 2009
Ryan Cracknell

I’ve got the inserts on my wantlists although the base set has taken first priority. I’ll try and check your wants tomorrow. Or my traders are listed at:

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