The newest member of my fantasy team

11 03 2009

I used to do a lot of fantasy baseball, but it turned out that 12 teams is more time consuming and relationship challenging than I wanted it to be.  One year later I was down to eight, I had four the following year, and I now sit happily with, in essence, the one 40 man team that I’ve occasionally mentioned here.

Since I’m not sure I’ve ever explained how the league fully works, here’s a quick rundown.  There’s 20 managers and we each picked a major league team to claim as our jumping off point.  Since we started in 2003, I got that year’s 69-93 Reds, full of stars such as Brandon Larson, Jimmy Haynes, and Paul Wilson.  Yuck.

The upside is when new players are added to the database for our team, we get first dibs.  So I didn’t have to worry about Votto, Bruce or Cueto getting picked up by someone else last year.  It takes some of the guess work out of what your team will need.

With only twenty managers though, ten teams went unclaimed, and they form the basis for our two round draft at the begining of the season.  This year proved to hold a bumper crop of prospects, and I knew I’d get someone good with the 9th pick.  I even had one guy in mind, but I had him ranked third on my chart behind Matt Weiters  and Chris Tillman.  Then I watched as other guys like McCutchen and Jordan Zimmerman got taken higher than I thought they would while the guy that I wanted fell right to me.


Welcome to the team, Brian.  I’m hoping to see you in 2010.




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