But first, two random packs, 2009 Topps Heritage edition

13 03 2009

I actually hit the big box yesterday to find those throwback blasters, but there was nothing there.  It was a pretty desolate scene as far as blasters went.  Looking for solace, I grabbed a couple packs of Heritage and crossed my fingers for some Mayo hits.

Pack 1


394 James Loney
297 Aaron Boone
45 Jeff Keppinger


465 New York Yankees coaches SP
386 World Series Game 2 – Brunlett Belts 1st Homer
17 Adam Lind
140 Lou Marson
177 Joakim Soria

A short prints and a Red. Not bad. I think I speak for most Reds fans when I say I hope to not see Keppinger starting a lot at SS this season. Dude can hit alright, but has no range. Stay healthy, A-gon.

As far as the cards themselves, there nice. I’ve never jumped on the Heritage bandwagon as I’d prefer spending $6 on some nice looking cards from 1960 rather than the throwbacks this year. I dig the coaches card as well as the WS card, but there’s no alibi for that Keppinger.  It’s ugly.

Pack 2

more Gum!

224 John Russell
2 Nyjer Morgan
65 Ivan Rodriguez
139 Jensen Lewis
TME-CJ Chipper Jones Mayo


369 B.J. Ryan
393 Ryan Doumit
259 Kosuke Fukudome

Mayo! That wasn’t so hard. I bet I could head back to the store and pull them all!

Nice card, though, and I know a guy who likes Chipper, so maybe I’ll send it his way. I’m assuming there’s a Votto or a Bruce out there someone. Topps was supposed to send me a checklist, but forgot the attachment. When I get one, I’ll post it here.




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