2009 Topps Target Throwbacks blaster review

14 03 2009

Yesterday I went to Target to take some things back, but forgot the recipet.  No go.  But on the way out I glanced  over at the blaster box shelves and saw the once barren wasteland now teeming with opportunities.  I made my way over and saw the first spring sightings of 2009 Heritage and Spectrum.  They even had 2008 Topps Series 1 blasters marked half off, but I passed on those as well.  I wanted those #12’s.

So I grabbed two or three of the Throwback blasters and started to head for the checkout.  Then I realized something.  I wasn’t all that excited by these in the first place and here I was about to drop $60+ bucks on them?  Cooler heads prevailed.  I set two of the boxes down and paid for one.

Now, if I wasn’t excited by these in the first place, why did I get one?  Well, sometime holding actual cards can change your mind.  It worked with the hockey version of the Masterpiece cards this year and Allen and Ginter last.  Maybe once I had the cards in hand, something magical would happen.  Maybe there’d be something in these that would spark a sense of nostalgia and awe that I was unprepared for.  Maybe these things would kick ass.

And did they?


While Topps seemed to show a little bit of innovation with the Dark cards of WalMart, these seem to be more of a bone thrown to Target so they could get something, too. In my opinion, there’s nothing exciting about these at all. In fact, after the first pack, I almost gave up and tried to figure out what to do with the rest of them.  But that wouldn’t be a fair review.

I wanted to like them, though.  The whole time I was thinking ‘Maybe if these had been spotted first, if Target had been the store that had screwed up and put the wrong stock out before WalMart had, maybe then these things would be better.’ But those Dark card beat these Throwbacks up and take their lunch money to boot.  The Dark cards just got called into the principal’s office for hanging these throwback’s underwear from the flagpole.  You get the idea.

To be fair, there are a few cards the design looks nice on.  For example, I can see this card being a part of any late 80’s-early 90’s Topps set:


But here’s the thing.  Looking at the scan, can you really see that much difference between these and the regular issue Topps cards?  Aside from the logo, no.  And that’s why these don’t do much for me.

So if anyone’s working on the Throwback set, let me know. I’ll swap them for any of the WalMart Darks you don’t want, or anything else on my wantlist for that matter.

And sorry Target, but you got the short end of this one. Better luck next year.

And did I really just write almost 500 words on a blaster box?  Oh yeah, I sure did.



3 responses

14 03 2009
Grand Cards

I agree with what you’re saying–just finished a group break and just wasn’t wowed like I was with the Dark ones. However, I’ll still be trying to put the Tigers together, and since I did so poorly in my own break on that front, I have to ask: Did you pull any Tigers?

15 03 2009

I agree. What is with using a nearly-exact design for different “sets?” Frankly, if I were Wal-Mart or Target, I’d be ticked off that my ‘exclusive’ set looks just like the other sets being produced.

17 03 2009

I finally saw these blasters today and almosy bought one but opten for Heritage instead. From the looks of that example, I made the right call.

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