Paniniruss follow up

14 03 2009

Beckett was nice enough to post an interview with Panini’s Group Licensing Director Peter Warsop on their Beckett Blog.  For those of you who don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s Peter addressing the question of the acquisition’s effect on the Donruss/MLBP lawsuit:

Given that Panini is acquiring most of the assets of the Donruss group rather than the company or its liabilities, Panini is not involved in any dispute with Donruss licensors.

That answers that, I guess, and makes this an even sweeter deal for Panini. I’m going to have to sign up for some business classes at the local college to find out of the acquisition of assets and not the “company or its liabilities” is typical merger speak or if there’s something else going on there. Or if one of you business/lawyer types could weigh in, we’ll get our answer a lot sooner.




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15 03 2009
Even more on Paniniruss « Hand Collated

[…] more on Paniniruss 15 03 2009 Rather than sit and wait for an answer to my last question, I sent an email to Peter Warsop, Panini’s Group Licensing Director.  I figured it was a […]

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