Something I learned today

14 03 2009

So yeah, that blaster isn’t happening tonight.  Sorry.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have an extra hour or so to bust it open.  Think of it as building suspense.

I did get a replacement package from Topps today, though, and while I hate sending in cards to get replaced, usually Topps will add a handwritten note to their form letter that really personalizes the process for me.  Today mine said:


It took me a second to realize why:  they thought I was scamming for a free code.

So if you’ve got a damaged ToppsTown card you’re thinking of sending in, save the postage and the heartache.  Unless you want a personal note on your form letter, that is.




One response

14 03 2009
Greg L.

Wow, I think you’d have to be a sad individual to try and get a free Toppstown code out of Topps via card replacement. Maybe there are a lot of 8 year olds sitting in their rooms cooking up such schemes though… who knows.

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