Even more on Paniniruss

15 03 2009

Rather than sit and wait for an answer to my last question, I sent an email to Peter Warsop, Panini’s Group Licensing Director.  I figured it was a long shot at best, but there was no harm in asking him to clarify his statements.

Not only did he reply, but he did so in a little under an hour (and on a Saturday, too!).  Here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

In this particular case it was also of interest to both parties because there were areas of the Donruss Playoff in which Panini did not have an interest in and the owner was not wanting to sell.  For example the business contained an element called ‘Bible Quest’ which was a specialist division of Dunruss that the owner had a special ongoing interest in and this was not transferred to Panini.

The process was therefore for Panini to purchase the assets of the Donruss business that enabled Panini to continue with running the Sports Trading Card element of the business.  In addition to the assets purchased Panini also made a goodwill payment to reflect the value of the element of the business being transferred.

As you know there has been a fair amount of speculation about Panini acquiring this business and much of it was ‘informed’ guesswork which can be misleading.  You will note from the official news announcement that Panini commented that it was a purchase from Donruss Playoff LP of the sports trading card business.

So that answers that.

If there’s anyone with other questions about the Panini-Donruss purchase, drop it in the comments and I’ll forward it along.



One response

16 03 2009

Good info there. It’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out once the products start hitting the shelves.

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