2008/09 OPC Hockey Hobby Box Break #2

17 03 2009

After an ambivalent first break where expectations were too high and base cards were too low, I was a bit more level headed with box #2. I knew I’d end with about 140 base cards. I knew I’d have shiny rainbow looking cards that I would not want. I knew, too, that I’d get some sweet looking retro parallel cards.

And I did. I got all those things. And even though this box was absent the triple relic I got from the first one, I enjoyed it a whole lot more. The moral here, folks, is to know what you are buying and plan accordingly.

How about some cards?


There’s Markus Naslund.  He’s card number one in the set (so I’ve got that monkey off my back) and an example of the only real peeve I have with the set itself.  If aplayer was traded in the off season then Upper Deck would change the team logo and border color for the player and leave him in his old jersey.  It works for the Naslund card because the color are complimentary.  But imagine if he was traded to the Wild?  The green and red would make for one ugly card. 


Here’s the back of the card.  I scanned the rainbow parallel to try and capture the OPC and team logo but it didn’t really work.   Behind the player name is the O-Pee-Chee logo.  Behind the player’s stats is a faint copy of his team’s logo.  If you look hard at the scan you can make it out, kinda like one of those 3D pictures from the 80’s. 

Otherwise the back is pretty plain.  It’s a gray cardboard color that didn’t seem to take much effort to create.  They probably blew their budget on all that gold on the fronts.


Since I showed the rookie shortprints last time, here’s a copy of the OPC Legends subset as modeled by Ray Borque.  A lot of folks were happy that Ray finally held a Stanley Cup when he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche.  Not me.  I’m still bitter about the whole move from Quebec and refuse to recognize Colorado as a NHL team. 


Here’s a look at the All Rookie Team and Season Highlights inserts.  My scanner turns the shiny gold into that cool blue shade there and makes them look a lot nicer.  The All Rookie Team and Season Highlights cards combine with these…


…Stat Leader cards and the boring team checklist cards to fall 1:4 packs. 


A look at the Winter Classic inserts.  I remember liking these more on the sell sheet, but I’m not complaining about Malkin in the baby blues.  For a while I thought Upper Deck was going to have Winter classic cards in every release, but I think it’s just the one’s that I decided to collect.


That’s the rainbow foil parallel of the 1979-80 OPC parallels.  It’s a parallel of a parallel!  Only in Upper Deck, I tell you.  My wife pulled this one and I saw the shiny, the Capitals logo, and then the Alexander and thought it was someone else.  My next sentence was going to use this Alexander’s last name as an adjective, but I want to keep it a family blog.  You can use your imagination.

One final oddity of note. My Marquee Rookies and OPC Legends cards fell at the same rate for each box, meaning both held 11 rookies and 7 legends. And the inserts that combine to fall 1:4 packs, well, I got the same number of each of them in both boxes, too. I’m not sure if this is pure luck or if there is some consistancy throught. If anyone can recall their box breaks, let me know.

At the current price of $63 a box, I still think 2008/09 OPC is a bit overpriced. But if it ever fell down to, say, the $45 mark, I’d probably add another one to my cart and happily pay at the door.  I’m not sure that will ever happen, though. 

The box:

Base: 137 out of 500, plus 6 damaged (27.4%)
Marquee Rookies: 11 out of 60 (18.3%)
OPC Legends: 7 out of 40 (17.5%)
(Marquee Rookies and OPC Legends fall combined 1:2 packs and are numbered as part of the set)
Retro Parallels (1:1): 36, plus 1 damaged
Gold Parallels (1:4): 9
Winter Classic Highlights(1:36): 1 – Evgeni Malkin
OPC Retro Rainbow Parallels(#ed to 100): 1 – Alexander Semin (91/100)

The following fall at a combined rate of 1:4

* All Rookie Team: 1 – Tom Gilbert
* OPC Season Highlights: 2 – Chelios, Nabakov
* OPC Stat Leaders: 1 – Crosby/Zetterberg/Hossa
* OPC Team Checklists: 3 – Anaheim, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh
* OPC Trophy Cards: 2 – Stanley Cup, Pearson




4 responses

17 03 2009

What would you be looking for to trade that Alex Semin card?

18 03 2009

I think I’ve got a good amount of hockey off of your want list from the last couple of years, including quite a bit of 08-09 O-Pee-Chee. Maybe we can help each other with some sets!

I’m getting some floors put in at the house right now and my card room is one of the areas, so it’s in disarray right now, but if I haven’t gotten to you in a week or so feel free to shoot me a message at shanediaz82@yahoo.com.


21 03 2009

I’m hearing all sorts of talk about UD getting the exclusive rights for the NHL. Can anyone confirm these rumors? I suppose after what Panini did with the NBA and Donruss/Playoff, it’s to be expected.Particularly with Mike (no i don’t work/own Disney anymore though my wife owns all the buses to and from joint) Eisner having bought Topps for his own amusement.

22 03 2009

Rich –

UD has had the exclusive NHL rights since 2005-06. In the Game releases non licensed stuff, akin to Dunruss’ baseball releases. The contract that grants UD the NHL exclusives expires in the next year or two, so there’s speculation that things might change. I’m skeptical at best.

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