Tobacco Cards

17 03 2009

You saw tobacco cards and expected something special, didn’t you?  Sorry to disappoint.  I’m just looking for a little help.

I recently got a stack of cards from someone who is clearly a smoker and the smell of used tobacco has permeated the cards.  So far I’ve tried laying them out to let them breath which has diminished said smell considerably, but it’s still very noticeable.  Anyone have any tips or ideas for removing that smell?




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17 03 2009

Wal-Mart has this product called ‘Air Sponge’ – its a little disc of something in a container about the size of a small margarine tub. It sucks bad smells out of the air – it works very well. I’d try putting them in a box with an air sponge and see what happens.

18 03 2009

Assuming that the cards aren’t extremely valuable, I’d run a test on a few of them.

Get a small tub… Rubbermaid or Sterlite. Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of it.

Put a small rack (cookie rack, pencils, whatever) over the soda. Then place the cards on the rack.

Close the lid for a day or two.

It should work.

Others on the ‘net suggest dryer sheets. Or cedar chips. Or kitty litter.

After you’re done with the baking soda, wash it down the kitchen drain.

Do NOT reuse it for any purpose.

Sunlight is good, too.

And yes, you did get my attention with the blog article title. I was hoping for a nice T205 or T206 find.

18 03 2009

Airing them out and then maybe putting them in a container with something that smells good and will not damage the cards is probably your best bet. Maybe use all the gum you got from Heritage packs? The smell never quite completely goes away though from my experience.

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