Cleverly captioned entry

19 03 2009

Dinged Corners recently asked for the best front photo captioned cards, and coincidentally I received this eBay win in the mail the other day:


I understand the good folks Dinged Corner folks were looking for baseball cards, but I thought I’d break the rules and go all hockey on them.  And while this isn’t my favorite from the 59-60 Topps set, it is the only one I currently own.

From the back:

Nick Mickoski, Red Wing veteran, flies through the air with the greatest of ease after being checked by Rangers’ Johnny Hanna. Mickowski has colorful skating style. Hanna is one of the few big league players developed out of the maritime provinces.

It actually says “Mickowski has colorful skating style.” Remember that one when they call for great writing on the backs of cards.

I’ll be honest, that looks like an odd angle to check somebody from. And I fail to see Mickowski’s three point landing, either. But how can you not like a 50 year old card that references the maritime provinces on the back? You can’t, that’s how.

The 59-60 Topps hockey set has a number of these cleverly captioned cards despite only being 66 cards long. I’ll be sure to share more of them if I ever get the chance to win one again.



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