EBay wins and on-ice crushes

20 03 2009


When I was in high school all those many years ago, a girl that sat behind me in English had a big crush on Stevie Y.  Oh, and Kirk Cameron, too.  Being a hockey fan, I could bring myself to root for Steve.  Not so much for Kirk, though.

It was nice to have an in with her, a shared interest which we could talk about before class.  Turns out she was a Bruins fan, and I had no problems rooting for them in the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Oilers.  Of course, 1988 wasn’t meant to be for Boston, and this girl wasn’t really meant to be for me either.  We became  friends throughout high school, though, and we went our separate ways shortly after graduation.  I have no idea where she is today.

I’ve always thought Steve Yzerman got a little lost in the Gretzky/Lemieux era, but he’s certainly up there with them when it comes to skill level and love of the game.  He was a 10 time all star, captained the Red Wings to three Stanley Cup wins,  and currently sits 6th on the all time scoring list (ahead of Lenieux), all while wearing the crest of the Red Wings.

Steve was actually Detroit’s second choice for their draft pick in the 1983 draft.  They were hopeful local boy Pat LaFontaine would fall to them and inject some local excitement into a lagging team.  LaFontaine would go third that year to the Islanders instead, so Detroit had to settle for Yzerman with pick #4.  It all seemed to work out pretty well for them, though.  And had Lafontaine been there to pick at #4, well, we may be calling Buffalo (who had the fifth pick) “Hockeytown” today.

Thanks to eBay, I’ve got another card for my 85-86 Topps hockey set and memories of a girl I had long forgotten.   I’d say that’s a pretty good win for me.




One response

21 03 2009
Grand Cards

Love that card–Stevie Y is immortal in Detroit–he even replaced Barry Sanders on the side of a building a number of years ago. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/186/375045985_7fa97c7440.jpg?v=0

I got my first and only hockey jersey when I was 13, of Stevie of course, and because of his legendary status and wonderful reputation, I’ll never need to buy another one again. Go Wings! =0

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