2009 Topps Allen and Ginter Preview

21 03 2009


Mario has images of the cards, so I’ll just point you his way for now so as not to steal his thunder.  You can go ohh and ahh for a minute, and then come back and read more.

Looks nice, doesn’t it?  I’m a little worried that there’s no base card images there, but they should look like the minis only larger, right?  I was concerned I’d be bored with the look this year after the similar designs prior, but these look nice than the 2008’s.  I’m stoked.

Hobby boxes will have three hits this year, but I seem to remember a lot of box breaks from last year that included three, four, and sometime five hits anyway.  The three hits will be an assortment of relics (including famous DNA), autos (both cut and on card),  rip cards, and printing plates.

My first thought is that Topps may be cutting back on production this year, and rumor is 2008 was overproduced anyway.  I think that’s a good thing in the long run.

The set will be the usual:  350 cards, 50 of them shortprints.  Insert sets include a “Creatures of Legends” set (Loch Ness Monster, the other Bigfoot) and a “Hoaxes and Bamboozles” set which includes Bernie Madoff and Topps Mayo’s early checklist (zing!).   There will also be a National Prides set (players and their country of origin) as well as a National Heroes set (historical figures and their country of origin.

Also that rumor that there’s a new code for 2010? True.  So for those of you who failed last year, there’s still hope.  Although you’d only be the World’s Runner Up Code Breaker, right?

And while I was typing, the Junkie researched the history of this year’s design.  Good lord he’s quick.

Look for 2009 Allen and Ginter to release June 30th.  Then be delayed for a week or two, I’d guess.   Preliminary interest on splitting a case?




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