Topps WBC redemption update

21 03 2009

I owe Topps an apology. Earlier, when ranting against the announcement of the first two WBC redemption cards from 2009 Topps, I wondered how I was supposed to know what card I’d get if Topps put no number on the redemption card itself.

Turns out they tell you when you enter the code. Mea culpa, there, Topps. And by checking my pending redemptions, I see I’m getting card #8.  This guy:


Probably the best of the bunch, there. Usually I’m not that lucky. Of course, my Red Hot Rookie Redemption was supposed to arrive days ago and still hasn’t shown up. And I still think promising collectors “rookie rising stars” and giving them folks like Jeter and Ubaldo Jiminez is a bit misleading.

Here’s the checklist announced so far:

1 Lee Jin Young
2 Derek Jeter
3 Gift Ngoepe
4 Ubaldo Jimenez
5 Sidney De Jong
6 Yoennis Cespedes
7 Dae Ho Lee
8 Yu Darvish

Two more to come.



3 responses

21 03 2009

I don’t know… I think the Jeter card will be easier to sell than most of the “rising stars”

Yu Darvish is really the only interesting one so far.

21 03 2009

Paul –

That’s probably true. I just think if Topps should have put something like “the world’s greatest stars” on the redemption card rather than “rookie rising stars.” It’s a bit misleading.

21 03 2009

Well, at least I’m getting my favorite player on Team Korea….

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