Red Hot Ranger

27 03 2009


Look what finally crashed into my mailbox today.  Chrome refractored Chris Davis.  Position?  “Red Hot Rookie,” according to the card.  Awesome.  Despite my disapproval of redemptions, Topps did a nice job on these, nice enough to make me look forward to this year’s offering.  Especially since they heeded my advice and cut their numbers in half from last year.  Twenty was just too many.

Also inside was a package from Greg at Lake Effect Baseball Cards, which I thought I’d scanned and promptly filed.  When I went to retrieve those scans from my folder, they weren’t there.  I’m not sure what happened there, but that means only Greg and I will know the awesomeness of the 86 and 94 Fleer cards you sent.

If this all works out right, I’ll actually be at work when this posts.  It’s been a busy week with quite a few packages, but fewer posts.  If I get off work early like I’m hopin’, you’ll see more later.  If things go to hell, well, it’ll be a few more days.  Something to look forward to either way, I guess.




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