Some needed Young Guns

29 03 2009

One of my recent eBay wins was a lot of 2006/07 Upper Deck Hockey Young Guns.  I’ll generally throw out a low end bid on Young Guns every once in a while and see if one sticks.  This one did.  Go me.


Stafford was probably the biggest card of the bunch.  He and his Sabres are on the outside looking in right now when it comes to the playoffs.  That’s fine with me, though, because my team is desperately trying to hold on to one of the spots the Sabres would end up in.

Drew hasn’t been helping his team lately.  He’s been in a horrible slump over the past 15 games (2G, 2A), but his season up to that point was pretty good (39 points in 56 games).  If he can figure it out again, it’s bonus hockey for Buffalo and I may be out of luck this year.  Only time will tell.


This trio of goalies no longer play in the NHL, but I still needed them for completion’s sake.  I’ve complained about the artificial premiums of short printing enough here, I think, but if you needed another example, well, here it is.

Martin Houle was last seen playing for the Cincinnati Cyclones and is no longer skating as far as I can tell.  Kelly Guard also seems to have retired after a short stint in Italian hockey.  That makes Mike Brown the big winner of the three.

Brown laced up and manned the nets for the Dayton Bombers in one game of the 2008/09 season before accepting a contract to play in Germany, where he’s clearly making a name for himself .  Here’s some footage of him from late last year:

Apparently, it’s a common thing, which made me wonder if he sells for a premium on German eBay.  I couldn’t find him anywhere.

The lot was bigger than four cards, but those were the only guys I ended up needing from my current lists.  There’s six series one guys in there that I’ll eventually add to a set once I start putting it together, and two more went to my brother since he needed them for his set.  That left four duplicates which I’m hoping to trade away.  If your interested, let me know.




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