Turkey Red Tragedy

1 04 2009

I’ve been winning on eBay a lot lately.  Either I’m overpaying or everyone else is missing out on some deals.  Maybe a little of both.  The latest is a lot of about 50 Topps Turkey Reds.  I was excited to receive them because they’d help knock off most of my needs for the set. 

Today when I opened the mailbox, a 200 count cardboard box was inside.  When I pulled it out, I could hear the cards settle.  Nothing’s worse than that sound when you pull a box out of the mailbox.  It means the cards weren’t secure and probably got jostled around in transit. 

Sure enough, when I opened the box and sorted the cards, about a fifth of them had corner damage.  So I was left with a bit of a conundrum.  40 cards are fine and ready for sets and trading.  The other ten are useless to me at this point.  If I keep ’em, I’m eating them.  If I send them back, I’m still out $3-5 bucks and I’ve got nothing to show for it. 

So I was curious about you, dear readers, and what you would do.  Would you keep em or send ’em back?  Have you ever hung onto to a disappointing lot to save on money for sending cards back?  Leave a comment down below.




5 responses

1 04 2009

While I’ve occasionally been disappointed with eBay purchases, I’ve never bothered to return one. Since you’re almost always on the hook for shipping both ways, it really doesn’t seem like it would be worth it unless it was an expensive purchase.

1 04 2009

i would let the seller know what happened and see what they will do for you. i have had sellers send some extra cards or refund a portion of the purchase the few times something like this has happened to me. they have never asked for the cards back.

1 04 2009

I’m with gcrl. I’d contact the seller and see what they say.

1 04 2009

Agreed – you don’t have anything to lose by contacting the seller.

1 04 2009

Most auctions these days come with some kind of disclaimer, claiming no fault or responsibility for damage caused by shipping. Unfortunately, idiot insurance doesn’t seem to exist. That’s been one of the more frustrating things to me in getting cards through the mail. Fortunately, it has only happened to me once with something I actually paid for and I was only out a few bucks.

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