2009 Topps Turkey Red Redux

3 04 2009

So I emailed the seller that there were some damaged cards and I didn’t want to send them all back but would like to work something out to account for them.  The response was “no problem- keep the cards.”  That was it.  I sent a follow up Wednesday asking more plainly for compensation for the damages.  No reply at all.

So it looks like I’m going to be stuck with them all.  May as well enjoy them, then.


Here’s my favorite of the bunch.  Few people know that Tris Speaker trained in ballet for a few years to make those graceful plays on the diamond.  Such an odd pose for a baseball card.  Seems I already had it, though, which means this ones for trade!


It’s a Turkey Red Fox.  Series 2 will have the Turkey Demond Wilson.

Too obscure?  Oh well.  Go ahead and ask if you have to.


The other legend that I needed from the bunch.  It’s sad for me to think the the Reds are the oldest team in baseball yet have none of the legends in the set.  I’m hopeful but doubtful that the Frank Robinson short print in series 2 will feature him in a Cincinnati uniform.  Otherwise guys like Johnny Bench, Ed Roush, and Ted Kluszewski are just getting the shaft.


Why Bengie Molina?  I wondered that myself.  What is Topps’ criteria for picking players for the Turkey Red set?  ‘Cause no way is Molina on the same level as Speaker or Foxx.  Still, Molina is one of the only cards to vary from the posed follow throughs that permiate this set.  Great card.


Finally, Ervin Santana.  Love that little glove.  And the impish smile, too.  Not pictured:  strained mcl in his throwing arm.  The club’s saying he’ll be back about a month into the season.

If anyone else is working on this one, hit me up.  I’ve got mad doubles now that are available for trade.




2 responses

4 04 2009

Hey hey – I am working the 09 turkey reds – about half way there – i have a list up on my site! any help woul dbe appreciated!

4 04 2009

I’m also working on the Turkey Red set (and my want list is on my blog).

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