Reader question that I can’t answer

10 04 2009

Every now and then I get an email that I don’t know the answer to. Here’s one of them:

I saw your blog and wondered if you know why in 1968 and 1969 Topps used Houston instead of Astros when identifying players from that team? The cards have the logos on the caps air brushed out and the uniforms shown are the away jerseys with Houston on them. I know that late in the 1969 series the hat logos are shown and some players are pictured in the home Astros jerseys.

I also noticed in the 1963 Topps baseball set the team and manager cards don’t have a logo for the Houston Colts/Astros, the other teams have a logo on the manager and team cards in the circle used for a closeup picture on the player cards.

I have no clue, but I thought one of you might. Any ideas?

*UPDATED*  Answer’s linked to in the comments.  I had a feeling someone would know.  And it looks like gcrl got the same question, too.




2 responses

10 04 2009

Not an answer but some information on this topic and a guess to the answer

10 04 2009

This is where the card-collecting bloggin community comes together! Friggin awesome!

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