2009 Topps Chrome has a 100 card what now?

11 04 2009

I get the lure of Chrome.  I got sucked into in the waning years of Topps hockey and still need a number for cards to complete a couple of those sets.  Their shiny and they look good.  The cards sell themselves.  There’s really little need for 21 autographed rookies, but it’s a nice perk for those who want to go through the trouble of collecting the set.

But, according to Beckett, there will be a 100 card insert set for the World Baseball Classic?

I admit I may be out of touch with the modern collecting world, but I didn’t think the WBC was a big draw among collectors.  Especially not big enough to merit a 100 card insert set.  Is Topps testing the waters for a YSL set of their own?  Couldn’t they pick something they didn’t just give away as an insert in their Series 1 boxes?  Is anyone going to collect this thing?



2 responses

11 04 2009

The World Baseball Classic inserts are the only thing that may get me to look at Chrome. I just hope they use photos from this year’s tournament.

But at 100 cards, they really should be found one per pack.

11 04 2009

I am really into WBC stuff, but I don’t imagine many other collectors are. I am not a big chrome collector, but I may look into it this year.

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