One final lot

14 04 2009

Here’s a few of the third lot of hockey cards I recently won, these from the 76/77 Topps hockey set:


The California Golden Seals.  What a history – name changes, logo changes, color changes, failed new arenas, bankrupt owners – they even wore white skates with their gold and green uniforms to match the more successful Oakland A’s colors – but none of it would save the team from moving out of town and eventual failure.

Wayne did his best to stop it, though, putting up 52 points in 56 games in the 75-76 season, and he would not only go on to win Stanley Cups with the New York Islanders, but also rid the galaxy of Darth Vader.


Here’s a great idea for a hockey subset:  the named lines that give character to the league.  What would have been even better is a little blurb on the back about how that line got it’s name.  Instead, it lists the high scoring games for the line featured.

MacDonald, Apps, and Pronovost were also known as the Century Line, and I’m assuming the “bicentennial” name came from the 1976 season, which was of course the 200th anniversary of America appearing on the map.  Nothing like celebrating USA history by naming a line celebrating it’s birth after three Canadians, eh?


Finally, the back.  I never liked the fact the Topps failed to list the team that players were with the year prior on the back of these.  Otherwise, no complaints.  Especially since there’s that picture of Bob hunting in his hockey gear.  It helps protect him from bears and lions.




2 responses

14 04 2009
Grand Cards

Yeah, no kidding. Wayne, may the force be with you.

14 04 2009

I’m pretty sure that every Wayne Merrick card ever made was heavily airbrushed…

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