Some 78/79 Topps hockey needs

14 04 2009

I realize I’ve been conspicuously absent for the last few days, but I’ve been greedy for sleep lately and needed every minute of it.  I’m about to hit the hay once more, but before I go, here’s a smattering of 78/79 Topps hockey cards I won recently.  Provided I can stay coherent and awake long enough, that is.


I’d never heard of Dave Farrish before I got this card, but it just screams late 70’s hockey to me.  I can smell that odd mixture of sweat and wet leather of the hockey rink just by looking at it.  Awesome card.


The original Colorado Rockies.  Beck was chosen 2nd in both the NHL draft and the WHA draft in 1977 and opted to go NHL.  He set the rookie record for most goals scored but a defenseman in his initial season, a record that lasted until 1989 when it was broken by Brian Leetch.  Beck would eventually be traded to the Rangers for five players.  All by himself.


One last guy that screams “seventies hockey” to me.  Rogie won a few Cups with the Canadians before being traded out west.  When you read he’s the “greatest goalie in Kings history,” it’s no lie, but there really isn’t much competition there, either.


Kehoe is third on the Penguins all time scoring list and played the game as clean as a bar of soap.  He’d been with the Penguins four seasons prior to this card’s release, and it still looks airbrushed, especially the helmet.  And it’s not like Kehoe was a bum player, either, having nine fifty point seasons in his career.


Why’d they airbrush Espo’s hair?


Sittler holds one of those records that will never be broken:  most points in one game.  He netted six goals and four assists against the Bruins in 1976.  Even knowing that Sittler did it, I still find it hard to believe that one guy could score double digit points in a hockey game.


And finally, a nominee for worst airbrushed card (78-79 division), Sittler teammate Dave Burrows.  It may not qualify, though, because it looks as if it were done with watercolors instead.  Seesh.

Only 22 cards left for the set.  I’m going get this one done before the end of the year, I tell ya.  Or at least I hope.



2 responses

14 04 2009

“Rogie won a few Cups with the Canadians before being traded out west.”

No he didn’t. Won some with the Canadiens, though.

14 04 2009

See, I knew I was too tired to post last night. I should have just typed Habs and gotten it over with. Oh well.

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